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About the Artist

Judith Drew Schubert has spent her adult life working as a             professional fine artist, creating paintings and patterns that draw attention to amazing but often overlooked aspects of the natural world. An avid outdoorswoman, the landscapes and wildlife Judith        encounters on frequent walks are later rendered in oil paintings, pastels, decorative designs in repeat, and block printed fabric. Her gallery, Periwinkle Studio, is located in The Arts District in Oak Bluffs and serves as her workspace when she is not painting island landscapes en plein air.


After receiving her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Syracuse University,     Judith worked in New York City for Waverly Fabrics as a surface pattern designer before relocating to Martha’s Vineyard in hopes of finding the space, both physically and emotionally, to realize her creative potential. She soon noticed a market for wearable art that would provide a high-end alternative to the souvenir tees sold in tourist shops. This observation soon blossomed into a successful artistic venture that spanned two decades. The distinctive block printed clothing line became popular with professional women nationwide, allowing Judith to finally realize her dream of purchasing a studio and gallery in which to operate.


Periwinkle Studio, located on the corner of Masonic and Dukes County Avenues in Oak Bluffs, has provided Judith with an artistic home to create and show her work. In recent years, Judith’s artistic vision has moved away from block printed clothing and towards creating fine art using oil paints and pastels. These mediums allow the artist to better express the emotional aspects of being a witness in the natural world. Still honoring her love of the repeated pattern, she has also developed a line of hand block printed textiles. Judith has studied oil painting under Rez Williams, pastels under Ellen McClusky, and plein air painting under Marjorie Mason. Her work is owned by collectors from New England to California.

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