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Textile Design

Judith’s passion for textile design is foundationed in her belief that designs in repeat, when created in the manner of fine art, can become captivating statement pieces that transform the rooms in which they are hung. While the borders of the canvas delineate the creative space for most artists, textile design necessitates a curiosity about what will occur beyond the frame. Judith loves this challenge, as well as the joy of rendering the nuances of the natural world and the flexibility of a borderless, infinite pattern. All original art is pastel on paper. Some of the original pieces are available for sale, with all designs available in archival reproduction prints in custom dimensions. Judith holds the copyright to all textile patterns visible below; for information about licensing agreements please contact the artist.

Crows in Quince


Design in repeat, Original: Pastel on Paper, Section Shown:  42”x 42” 

"Held in the artists collection"

Available in: Prints on Paper, Wallpaper, Linen, and Canvas. 

All prints, sizes and dimensions can be customized


This piece was inspired by the black of the American Crow and the amber fruit of the woody-stemmed quince bush. Black, often a color that evokes thoughts of disguise and secrecy, is brought to the foreground as the crows proudly punctuate the subtler tones of leafy green, mellow amber and dusty lavender. The crows are rendered slightly smaller than life size.

Monarchs in Milkweed


Design in repeat, Original: Pastel on Paper, 37” x 22”

Framed with Museum glass in a black wood frame, 46.25”x29.5” $4,900   

Available in: Prints on Paper, wall Paper, Linen, and Canvas. 

All prints, sizes and dimensions can be customized


This piece highlights the relationship between the oft-admired Monarch Butterfly and the frequently misunderstood Milkweed. Milkweed, considered by many to be a pest, is an edible wildflower that basks in the sunlight of both fallow and cultivated fields. The sanctuary of choice for a Monarch Butterfly to lay her single egg, the hatched caterpillar then grows rapidly by feasting on the milkweed leaves. Within a few weeks, the young caterpillar pupates into a golden-trimmed chrysalis. Here, the adult Monarchs have found a home amongst the summer Milkweed flowers. The dark background captures the sheltered atmosphere of the dense patch, while also drawing attention to the intricacy of the Monarchs’ wings. 

Wrens in the Rugosa


Design in repeat, Original: Pastel on Paper, 42”x 25.5”

Floating in a distressed gilded wood frame, 46.25”x 29.5” - $5,000

Available in: Prints on Paper, Wallpaper, Linen, and Canvas. 

All prints, sizes and dimensions can be customized.


Wrens in the Rugosa is a whimsical design meant to remind us of the freedom brought about by letting go of thorny attitudes towards ourselves and others. If you are traversing the shores of New England in May or June, you will likely smell the Rosa Rugosa before you see it. The powerful floral scent is attractive, and the thorny thicket of the rose bush makes excellent refuge for foraging Carolina Wrens.Their free spirits are most evident when they emerge from their protective hideaway, ascending effortlessly into the salty summer air. This design has been adapted into several block-printed fabric patterns; see “Textiles.”

Chicadees in Chicory


Design Series, Original: Pastel on Paper;

Chickadees in Chicory #1- 3  12.5”x 38”

Each individually floating in a shadow box with a matt gold frame, 14.75”x 40.25”  

#1 & #3 - $1,400 each,  #2 is in a private collection

Chickadee Swooping, Chickadee Flying West and Chickadee Flying East ,  9”x 9” each, all three are in a private collection.
Available for: reproduction prints and is able to be configured, by the artist, into decorative applications for wall murals and alike.


This design series includes six vignettes, and has not been incorporated into a repeating pattern because its’ use in interior decorating is intended to be more free-form. The pieces are designed to be hung individually or as a series of fine art, and can also be formatted into mural wallpaper. 

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